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Parts, Accessories & Tire Chains for Snow & Ice Management

XTREME Fabrication has a large supply of snow plow, snow pusher, salt spreader and brine sprayer parts and accessories in stock. We stock both factory and after market parts for almost all major brands.

Buy a Snow Plow Parts & Buy Spreader Parts

We keep thousands of parts both common and rare in stock for almost all the major plow and spreader brands. What we don’t stock we can typically get in a day or two. We’ve seen just about everything out there so there’s not much that’s going to stump us. 

Buy a Snow Plow Accessories

So you bought a plow. Now if want to make it custom and bedazzle it we have every accessory you can imagine! We offer some of the coolest accessories for your plow including light up plow markers, rubber deflectors, snow foils, strobe lights, heater wiper blades, emergency parts kits, plow storage stands, etc. 


Our Famous 24/7 Snow Storm Service

We are open 24/7 during all snow events with 1" of snowfall or more here in Central Maryland. No matter what brand of plow you own we know how to repair them all. Rememer, we are a welding shop so no matter how bad you break it, we can fix it!

We have a large selection of snow plow and salt spreader parts in stock. We stock parts for Meyer, Western, Fisher, Buyers Products, Pro-Tech, Winter, Kage, SnowEx, BOSS, Rexroth, and so many more. We stock weird parts that no one else in the area stock.

St. Pierre Tire Chains from XTREME Fabrication

Best Tire Chains

We offer St. Pierre tire chains – the best tire chains on the planet! The St. Pierre Alloy Roller Grip chains are a square link alloy cross-chain with a rotating swivel hook design. These cross-chains are designed to allow for even wear as they are able to rotate as you drive on them during snow and ice events. They require no tools to repair a damaged cross-chain in the field. It can be repaired by hand by the operator in mere minutes. There is no down time with a broken tire chain! They are available in 4mm, 5mm, 7mm, 8mm and 10 mm cross-chain sizes, and available for any size tire. Used extensively by Howard County Maryland Department of Highways. Ask any of their plow drivers how much they love them and they’ll tell you!

Plow Cutting Edge

Snow Plow Cutting Edges

The number one part that needs to be replaced on a plow is your cutting edges. We offer factory cutting edges, after market cutting edges and XTREME duty cutting edges from the Winter Group. We keep in stock both high carbon, carbite, rubber and poly edges for just about every plow out there. If we don’t stock it, we can get it or get it custom made. Make sure you check out our videos below talking about cutting edges. We also carry curb guards, skid shoes and wear parts for most major plows. We also keep industry standard highway punch for big plows at 10, 11, 12 foot in stock at all times.

Parts & Accessory Brands We Carry

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Reviews of Parts, Accessories & Services

Learn about the latest snow plow products and reviews from expert Will the Welder, owner of XTREME Fabrication.

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