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Xtreme Fabrication does contract metal product manufacturing for customers who want their product to be American made. We work very closely with customers to build exactly want they want when other companies say no or its too small of a project for them to consider.  Whether you need just one piece of your total project or your entire metal product project made, Xtreme can handle it.  If you have a new product idea we can take your sketch on a coffee stained napkin and turn it into a reality. Xtreme has in house computer aided designers who can take that idea, prove it out in computer, product blue prints we can fabricate that first prototype from for your approval.   Then build your entire order of your product in a reasonable time frame. With our fabrication and machine shop we can just about build anything you want manufactured from any kind of metal.

We have manufacture shipping crates, pallets, specialty machine framework, fixture tables, boxes, shelving units, camera boxes, clips, hangers, brackets, widgets, formed parts, etc.

Manufacturing Projects

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