Sandblasting Services

Before and after shot of 1932 car rims, sandblasted by XTREME Fabrication of Maryland.

Removal Rust & Paint with Sandblasting

XTREME Fabrication is the area’s only media / sandblaster. We do small to big blasting jobs. We can blast anything from a rusty truck frame to vintage farm tractor restoration project to paint removal on classic cars auto body panels to stripping mill scale from new fabricated steel to a US NAVY Battleship anchor.  Yea we blasted that too.

 Most people have heard of sandblasting. But sand is no longer used in the industry as the abrasive due to silica dust hazard. We use environmentally safe recycled fine crush glass or copper slag. We can blast from an SSP-10 to SSP-1 surface rating for the surface prep your part needs for its coating process.

 Our blasting equipment is a 600lb pressure hold pot powered by a 375 cfm compressor. So, we can blast twice as fast as any of those “mobile dustless blast guys” with their tiny blast rigs. We have a pressure pot blast cabinet for those small parts jobs. We have a glass beading machine for small items that require the most minimum surface disturbance.

 We do not offer mobile blasting for a reason. Don’t fall for “dustless blast” guys that come to you and leave a hell of a mess at your property to clean up when they are done. Bring your project to us and keep your place clean.

 We no longer do paint work or powder coating but have many local paint and powder coat shops we work very closely with to complete your entire project.