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Xtreme has very big capabilities in our fabrication shop. That’s why fabrication is in our name. Our shop is a one stop shop that can handle your metal bending, shearing, and sawing projects from big too small. Everything from Aluminum fabrication to structural steel fabrication, miscellaneous metals, component manufacturing, equipment replacement parts, general fabrication, etc.

 We have one of the largest press brakes in Maryland. Our 500-ton Accurpress can bend up to 8’ length of 1” thick ASTM A572 Grade 50 plate. Or up to 14’ length of 5/8” thick ASTM A572 Grade 50. Or up to 60” lengths by ¾” thick AR400 formable wear plate. We have a massive selection of heavy tonnage tooling including a monster 8” wide x 13.5’ bottom open die and upper punches with up to a 2” radius. But we also have tooling for those light gauge metal bending projects. Along with specialty tooling for those unique metal bending projects. So, if your projects calls for heavy steel plate bending, AR wear parts bending, stair pans bending, light gauge sheet metal bending, we can bend it.

 Xtreme also has a matching 14’ wide x 1/4” Accurshear plate shear to cut sheet metal to size before bending. Our M – 16A Hyd-mech automatic band saw has the cutting capacity of 16″ x 25″ at 90 degree, 16″ x 15″ at 45 degrees and 16″ x 10” at 60 degrees. With its automatic self-feeding system, it will saw each part with accurate repeatability. Its bundling system allows it to cut multiple pieces of material at the same time. Xtreme also can punch, drill and mill any size hole in any metal with our monster Hercules radial drill, Geka Ironworker, or bridge port milling machine. Once your fabrication is done, we can provide finish grinding, sanding or abrasive blasting for your project surfacing coating requirements. We work closely with several paint and powder coat venders to bring your project to completion.

 Xtreme experienced fabricators can just about make anything from any metal material. The bigger the better. We also have our own in house SolidWorks / AutoCAD CNC designer that has real world design experience. We can take a project from a hand sketch drawing on a restaurant napkin to a finished final project.

Our 14,000 sq. ft. shop is equipped with some really big toys for your big projects:

  • 500 ton by 14’ Accurpress 750014 press brake
  • ¼” x 14” Accurshear 825014 plate shear
  • ¼” x 4’ National plate shear
  • 6′ Hercules radial drill press number 5 morse taper head
  • 90 ton Geka Ironworker with 1/8” to 1 1/8” punches
  • M-16 hydmech automatic 60 degree swivel head bandsaw
  • 7.5 ton and 3 ton overhead crane
  • Bridgeport milling machine
  • Monarch lathe 22″ x 8′ swing
  • Reid Surface Grinder
  • Electro Arc 2-SA DC Metal Disintegrator (tap eroder)
  • Miller TIG, MIG, Pulse MIG, Stick welding machines up to 400 amps
  • Plasma cutters, track torch, slice torch, air arc torch
  • 4000lbs, 6000lbs, 8000lbs forklifts, 12,000 lbs telehandler, 9-ton knuckle boom crane
  • (2) 4WD welding rigs — each with 400 amp diesel Lincoln welder and welding tools
  • and more power and hand tools than you can count!

Coming soon to Xtreme Fabrication is a 5’x10’ 6000 watt CNC laser table. This new table will allow us to increase our manufacturing capacity. It has the capacity to cut 1” steel plate, ¾” aluminum Plate and ½” stainless steel.  

Our fabrication shop is located in central Maryland. We are convenient from Westminster, Frederick, Columbia, Baltimore, and Germantown.