Bridge Repairs, Erection & Welding

Bridge Repairs, Erection & Welding Services

Bridge Services

If you’ve worked with XTREME Fabrication before, you know we are the bridge experts!

We are approved to do all steel/precast related items of your MDSHA or VDOT bridge project. Anything from welding bearings to erection to repairs of existing older bridges.

We do everything from;

  • Steel and precast bridge beam erections
  • End damn/expansion joint installations
  • SIP deck forms
  • Overhang form bracket clips
  • Erection of restoration and stiffening steel
  • Bearing pad replacements
  • Bridge jacking beams
  • Rebar placement of bridge decks
  • General bridge related welding

We also have all the specialized bridge related equipment including a Skidmore bolt testing machine, 15 ton picking beam dogs, six 100 ton lift cylinders and miscellaneous  erection tools.

XTREME Fabrication has completed as of June 1st, 2019 we’ve done 82 bridge projects in the past five years with a 100% weld pass rate with a MDOT and VDOT subcontractor A-rating.